SA Vehicle Tracking allows you to compare product and service offerings in the vehicle tracking market and request contact from the preferred service provider.

Asset tracking and stolen vehicle recovery services have become an integral part of everyday life in South Africa. With crime rates in South Africa being very high, it is not just about the recovery of a vehicle but even more importantly, the safety of a loved one, that is a growing concern for South Africans.  The industry offers different products to the market, depending on particular needs.


SA Vehicle Tracking allows you to compare the different offerings in the market and help you select your vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery service provider. With our easy-to-use interface it has never been easier to compare different offerings and choose the right hardware and contract for your specific needs.

When you have selected your preferred provider and hardware, simply request the service. You will be contacted by your selected provider and your service request concluded. Remember to provide your vehicle insurance details and we will get you discounted rates with the service providers!



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